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Did you know…?

In BC alone, there are 131 Elementary schools playing and 182 Secondary schools playing. What’s impressive about these numbers is that 75% of these Elementary teams were created in the last 5 years. This is a clear indication that there is a huge demand for an alternative sport like Ultimate Frisbee. We believe this is because:

A) Kids love how inclusive and fun the sport is
B) Parents love that the sport is co-ed and self-refereed, meaning that their kids learn how to play with everyone, resolve conflicts and communicate effectively

Maybe you’ve heard of Ultimate Frisbee before, or maybe you’ve even played! Maybe your kids have even played at school, or maybe they don’t even know what a disc is. Either way, we GUARANTEE your kids confidence and skills are going to soar (like a frisbee *cue groan*) at Elevate Ultimate.